8 Miles of Advocates for Animals

April 15th 2015 10:00 A:M Pacific time we will be at 2029 Century Park E on the corner of Century Park E and Olympic Blvd across from the Century towers where the Australian Consulate as well as the British Consulate have offices. We will be protesting the live export of animals from Australia as well as holding up signs to stop the cull and fox hunts in Britain. It is our hope that enough animal rights activists and animal sanctuaries join in this demonstration to line up all along Century Park E. to Santa Monica Blvd, all down Wilshire Ave. all the way to the Chinese Consulate on Shatto Pl. and 6th st. We will start at about 10:00 A:M with leaflets, posters, banners etc…and about 11:00 A:M Pacific there will be a moment of silence while I ring a gong in memory of the species of animals lost forever to greed, profit, and human apathy, as well as all the brave activists that have lost their lives protecting them and speaking out for those who cannot speak for themselves. After a couple of minutes I will play a song by Radiohead called “Give Up The Ghosts” a beautiful song that was used for the credits in the award winning documentary “The Ghosts In Our Machine.” During this song we will be liberating some stuffed animals from shackles and cages and holding them in our arms hopefully invoking an emotional response from folks driving by. When the song is over I would like us to chant “Until all the cages are opened, and all the shackles broken” hopefully once again to invoke the folks driving by to either honk their support or chant along with us. This is the plan thus far.


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Welcome to Retts Rascals a website for animal rights activists.  Here I will post any marches or protests that are being organized especially in the Los Angeles County area. Currently one is in the planning stages for late March early April 2015 just in time to bring in Earth Day and the release of “Unity” the companion film to “Earthlings.” I will keep you posted on the progress of this protest which is to show our solidarity to our animal rights brothers and sisters in Australia and across the globe trying to stop the live export of farm animals from Australia and to stop Zimbabwe from transporting baby elephants to China and the UAE. Hope to see you all there.

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