How about a meet and great???

I know there must be a lot of confusion and questions. How about a meet and great next Tuesday, March 10 time????place????A vegan restaurant, or whatever? Suggestions on my e-mail or my FB event page 8 miles of advocates for animals. It does not even have to be next week it can be any Tuesday before the end of the month of March. By the first of April I need to focus on getting all my props and signs for the event.

Any questions?

Please if there are any questions, or the plan is not clear do not hesitate to e-mail me I will have a contact phone soon, I am doing all of this on a tight budget but I really want this demo to work out. I plan on doing this every year. Since this is my first time I know things may not go smooth since I am learning as I go. People need to be awakened to what is happening to animals around the globe though, that is why I am doing this. I also cannot do it alone so my animal rights brothers and sisters, please join me if you can April 15th 2015 at as many of the listed locations as we can, and lets wake these people up.

Pg. 633 Wilshire Blvd.

8 mile route and invites 002

The bulk of the demonstration is on Wilshire Blvd but it is also the most interesting. Well, to me anyway since I don’t live in the area some of you might think it old hat.  Wilshire and San Vicente, and Fairfax, Hauser, La Brea, Highland, Rossmore, Crenshaw, Wilton, Western, Irolo/Normandie.

Leafleting opportunities galore


Especially on Wilshire Blvd there is lots of foot traffic, lots of sidewalk, lots of leafleting opportunities. Not to mention that Wilshire Blvd is a very interesting place to visit. Not only will anyone staging along Wilshire have a chance to educate people and hand out leaflets, it will be fun as well. There is Wilshire and Rodeo Dr., Wilshire and La Brea, Wilshire and Vermont, Wilshire and Fairfax; this entire 8 mile route is not boring. Plus I have contacted several media agents including Jane Valez Mitchell, and hired a professional photographer to film the event. His name is David Sobel of David Sobel Photography and he has experience with events like this. I also sent messages to several celebrities that are know animal activists and vegans. We can do this folks, and even if this year’s event flops, I am going to do this again next year, the year after that, and the year after that….’Until all the cages are open, and all the shackles are broken’.

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