Animal Law

I would like to encourage animal rights activists, rescuers, and those who are just adopting plant based lifestyles to visit this very vital website about animal law. One of the interesting cases that they addressed concerned religious practices that involved the torture and killing of animals. It is the Lewis and Clark Law School’s “Animal Law Review” and many of the issues are available on line for free. For more information go to these very talented and dedicated students have done a great deal of real investigative work, and have fought hard for all animals. They often work hand in hand with other groups involved in legislation for animals such as the Animal Legal Defense Fund Protests, marches, and demonstrations are great and all but real change will be in education and legislation. The case cited above occurred in Florida when the town banned the Santeria religious practice of animal sacrifice. Sadly this is not the only religion that tortures and murders animals. The ritual of Kapparot uses live chickens to ‘absorb’ the sins of the person then the chicken is killed and discarded. Ironically the ritual tortures and murders a completely innocent being. Religions that practice animal torture and sacrifice preach peace, love, and forgiveness yet refuse to evolve past these barbaric acts. The country of India is an exception as they continue to revere the cow as a sacred animal, even the ageing ones. The philosophy behind that is why kill the animal once they are unproductive, become sick, or get old? This show complete ingratitude for the years of service provided to humans. although this does have certain consequences, you have to admire that philosophy which is a better one than how every other country treats their dairy animals.




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