The AV Fairgrounds



These are what veal crates look like at Pt. Reyes. Babies stolen from their mothers and forced to live their short existence in the cold, unfriendly crates.

The Antelope Valley Fair Grounds, a place to display traumatized, betrayed animals.



Thursday aug sixteen 006

I tried to enter yesterday to photograph the judging of utility meat chickens and utility meat turkeys in the R. Rex Parris Arena. I was denied entry and told the fair does not start until Friday Aug. 17, 2018. So why the hush hush about it? If they are not ashamed of what they are doing why hide it from the public?

avfair 001

The Kiwanis club animal auction is at 0900 on Aug. 23, again not open to the public apparently. Why not? Are they afraid some animal rights activist is going to take photos?

animal advocate