On the 17th of September 2019 I will once again be reaching out to my representatives Assemblyman Tom Lackey and Senator Scott Wilk to appeal to them about a moratorium on issuing breeders’ licenses. I often visit the ‘woofstats’ and many things don’t make sense to me. For example why do we continue to issue licenses to people to breed animals when so many are waiting to be adopted and most never make it? See for yourself at Woof stats Los Angeles County. Why not issue a temporary moratorium on ALL breeding of animals until the shelters and fosters can get their populations down by at LEAST 50%?? Also eliminate licensing fees for LEGITIMATE rescue organizations. Last but not least, hire more officers and localize the training programs for new officers if currently the training is out of county. I have sent an email to the Los Angeles County Animal Care And Control about this and they usually are pretty good about responding. I have talked to three officers who candidly spoke to me about this and all have said they need more officers. They could not comment about the licensing because they are a government agency that does the issuing of permits but encouraged me to continue reaching out to our representatives. Another thing I would like to see other than more officers is more penalties for animal abusers including illegal backyard operations and irresponsible ‘licensed’ operations including possibly confiscation of property. We shall see, this will be my third time appealing to Wilk and Lackey about this.


The 8 miles of advocacy for animals is much more than just 8 miles. The ‘Ban Live Export’ car has traveled much further, to other cities in California, to other states including Nevada and Oklahoma, and many others in between. Once I even got chased down by a semi carrying livestock in Carson City Nevada. I do have video of this. You know you are making an impact when they start doing this. To those of you who are advocating for animals’ rights, and you think you are not making a difference, you are. Don’t give up. I must say however that our next course of action is through legislation. We MUST begin electing officials that will actually address issues such as backyard breeders, animal cruelty (including animal cruelty in horse racing, greyhound racing, rodeos, circuses), and tax payer funded subsidies to big animal ag. The animal rights movement MUST evolve now, into law. I strongly recommend getting into publications from the https://aldf.org/ and from the Lewis and Clark Law School animal law studies https://law.lclark.edu/centers/animal_law_studies/.


Folks will no longer find me on Twitter or Facebook. If people really want to find out more about what I have learned about live export, rodeos, BLM roundups, they can find me here on this website or on Instagram.


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