Free Lake Los Angeles

My passion for animals also includes humans; up to a point. I never used to support Trump, or his border wall until I started seeing my own neighborhood go to crap. If folks cannot come into this country and leave behind the squalor they left behind, as well as the animal cruelty issues prevalent in their societies, then I wish they would just remain in their own countries. We have enough of this going on without more coming in. This is what my neighborhood looks like now and it is getting worse.

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I am all for immigration but if they want their neighborhood to resemble their country of origin then they should just return there. This was once a beautiful desert community, now a slum.

This is a Facebook page I got involved with after learning about some collusion between our Board Of Supervisors and another entity in our town. This other entity is well known for intimidation and bullying other residents when they ask too many questions and have opposing views.


Free Lake Los Angeles


Clean up day at the Saddleback Butte State Park.

Regarding the ‘community development’ meeting this Thursday:
This meeting is scheduled for 10/26/2017 at 7:00 P:M at the Stephen Sorensen Park which is being sponsored by Donna Termeer, Field Deputy for our 5th District Supervisor Kathryn Barger. This community development meeting is not sanctioned by the Lake Los Angeles Rural Town Council whose current members are Deborah Hill, Tina Stone, and Loretta Smalls. Per our By-Laws this is still a quorum:
A majority of council members then in office (but no fewer than two) shall constitute a quorum.
Donna Termeer has posted this meeting in regards to an upcoming election also not sanctioned by the Lake Los Angeles Rural Town Council per our By-Laws
The community development meeting being held by Donna Termeer which was originally supposed to be a private meeting between Termeer and TC members but has morphed into this larger venue. It is supposedly to address current elections going on which are also not sanctioned by the Lake Los Angeles Rural Town Council, and the listed election committee chairperson Robin Nute was never chosen by any member of the Lake Los Angeles Rural Town Council. This self appointed election committee was not formed according to our By-Laws.

4. In the event no qualified volunteer steps forward, the Election Committee chairperson shall be
chosen from a current or newly elected council member that will not be running for election that
year and shall be appointed with all other chairpersons with the Slate of Officers. If a qualified
volunteer steps forward after the Slate of Officers has chosen, but before June, the Election Chair
position will be turned over to that volunteer. A qualified election committee chairperson must
meet the same qualifications as a candidate for the LLARTC

Due to ‘anonymous’ complaints against us that were never substantiated, Kathryn Barger’s office chose to persecute the town council based on heresay and rumors without the benefit of any kind of due process. Other than ask too many questions, the Lake Los Angeles Rural Town Council members have done nothing wrong, and followed the by laws as best as we could. Believe me, we have gone over them, and over them again. The actions of the BOS are unfounded, and frankly, rather tyrranical. That is all I have to say on this.


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