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I like strange cloud formations

I like strange cloud formations

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Contact me at lorettasmalls@rettsrascals.com

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Rett’s Rascals

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We were actually a belly dance troupe, just family members and anyone else that wanted to dance. Nothing famous or well known, just a hobby. Rett’s Rascals became an animal advocate page, after viewing a few documentaries namely “Glass Walls” , “Earthlings”, “The Ghosts In Our Machine”, “Cowspriacy”, just to name a few. I decided to get involved. I felt not only does the public need to come out of their comfort zone, but that a little empathy and compassion needs to be reborn into our society, a society that increasingly lacks these vital traits. My heart goes out to all those undercover activists and photographers that go into the pit of hell itself where these animals spend their unfortunate lives. This website is dedicated to them, so that they know there are those of us out there that are hearing their pleas for justice, and also feel their pain as they have to leave these animals behind. We know they are haunted by their ghosts, and that they suffer greatly from the same PTSD our other war veterans suffer every day. This website is for you brave brothers and sisters fighting for animal liberation.

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