Animal abusers/human abusers

The boy who raped this girl got a slap on the wrist. His father diminished his crime. He will offend again because he got away with it. This father should be ashamed, when if it were his own daughter, sister, wife, or even his mother that his happened to? Those who commit crimes on animals are likely to do the same to people. When we do not teach compassion for animals by our parents, we will not learn it for people either.


I saw this sadness on my way home from Vegas. From the tire tracks and footsteps these guys look to have been killed then dumped. More and more animals and trash are dumped in our deserts.  The kind of people that do this are the same kinds of people that abuse animals and other humans. They have no conscience, no soul, no remorse.


Humans suck ass.

Humans suck ass.

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