Petting Zoos; Teaching the wrong things.

The Death of Harambe was unnecessary. Zoos should operate like an animal sanctuary or rescue center. GUIDED TOURS ONLY. These damn zoos certainly do make enough $$$ to afford to have a staff member or two at each station.  A staff member should have been there to quiet the people down as they were the screaming banshees that were frightening the Gorilla in the first place. If they had kept quiet and calm this could have went down very differently with both animal and child coming out of it okay. A STAFF MEMBER SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE FROM THE VERY BEGINNING.

Graphic image of a baby elephant chained at the ankle

Before you go on that elephant or camel or any other animal for a ride or other tourist activity, please consider what these animals have to go through just for your entertainment.






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These babies needed their mothers. The folks running this zoo were handing out cups of hay for these babies when all they wanted to do was nurse. I asked the guy where their mommas were and he said he did not know. I told him “These guys are trying to nurse, where are their mothers?” and he said “They are bottle fed.” So where are their mothers? These poor babies, along with the exploited camels giving people rides were even more tragic than the rodeo I went to.

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