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Rett’s Rascals is looking into starting up a pit bull rescue and animal sanctuary in Nevada. So far we need to look into the zoning laws of the property we already own, how to get the funding, and also staffing. We will keep you folks updated on this endeavor and perhaps open a go fund me account.  Pit Bulls and Parolees


The Gentle Barn



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John R. Wooden High School

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In 2014 Kindred Spirits Care Farm was thrilled to make John R. Wooden High School (JRWHS) our first official project and location.  JRWHS is a continuation high school for at-risk kids in a low income area. The staff is extraordinary, dedicated and excited about all the benefits that Kindred Spirits Care Farm can bring to their kids.  The students loved their school-farm but didn’t know how to make it thrive or leverage the space for education purposes.  We are more than happy to help.

We host tours, field trips and some really great educational events, and we are working with UCLA to create a high school curriculum based on farm activities.  You might be amazed how much science you can learn in a compost pile or a chicken coop.

If you are interested in having Kindred Spirits Care Farm come to your school and create educational opportunities for your students through gardens and rescued farm animals, please email us at

Watch us grow on Facebook and check back here for announcements and upcoming events.

Farm sanctuaries like Kindred Spirits are the best options for learning about animals. They are much better than any zoo or circus and you will get MUCH MORE out of it.






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Animals are NOT cargo. I will be on this walk for farm animals and I could use some love. Go to the link above>Los Angeles>Walker Search>Loretta Smalls>Donate> please help me to help animals and the environment. My handout includes a brown paper lunch bag with Halloween candy, ‘Have We Been Lied To’ leaflet, and ‘EndangeredSpeciesCondoms’.

I will post photos and info about Sanctuaries I actually go to. I will do my best to promote all sanctuaries that promote education, advocacy, rehabilitation, and above all else…..provide safe haven for those who have escaped hell.

Farm Animal Sanctuary in Acton California


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