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The animal agriculture industry, with the help of the USDA paints a positive spin on open range grazing but what they DON’T tell you is the environmental damage that is done to ground nesting birds, depletion of food resources for wild animals, and ranchers killing off natural predators to protect their livestock. This upsets the balance of nature. This is one of their articles that tells one side of the story then another article that poses a completely different scenario.  This is the USDA spin on things now for the real science;

When it comes to trade agreements they all involve live export, and treating animals as if they were non-sentient beings. NAFTA now USMCA is no different.

 This nefarious house resolution spells certain doom for animals on wildlife refuges and sanctuaries. It will allow unfettered slaughter of the innocents.

Here is a list of the yays and nays. Look for your representatives on this list and write them a letter telling them that this is NOT acceptable. Our wildlife refuges are NOT up for grabs to the richest and greediest of trophy hunters and ranchers. It has gone on for too long.


This is a must read for anyone with any doubts about what our USDA, FDA, are willing to do to satisfy egos and their corrupt beef industry benefactors. This book names names, and points fingers, and rightly so. If you have seen the documentary ‘Farmageddon’ this book goes into considerable detail about the civil rights violations that our government routinely ignores when it comes to the big ag and big pharm. As you can see, I am taking notes. One of the paragraphs I would like to share;

from ‘Mad Sheep’ by Linda Faillace  pp 103-104 “The Silence Is Broken” Chapter;

{    Dr. Tom Pringle, webmaster of ‘ and founder of the Sperling Foundation, wrote the following opinion on his website:

“The USDA’s action seems like over-kill given the millions of toms of contaminated fee, animal products, medicines, and exposed blood donors already brought into the US over the previous fifteen years of the BSE epidemic. And what about all the sheep imported from 1980-1996? Clearly this id driven by beef export politics.”

The politics were about to get worse.  }

It is time for ALL of us, Vegans, Vegetarians, Animal Rights Activists, and yes, even the meat eaters to band together to stand against big ag, big pharm, big banks. When just ONE of us has their civil rights openly, and blatantly violated, we ALL have been violated. Because it won’t stop with first amendment or fourth amendment. As long as they think they can get away with it, they will and it will be near impossible to stop that runaway train.

It needs to start with ALL trade agreements including the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. They must all be repealed. ALL of them. Any future trade agreements must NOT include any ANY animal products.

We must also stop other countries from buying farm land in the arid Southwest United States like Arizona and California, growing alfalfa and other crops used for livestock. They export these crops for THEIR dairies and feedlots in their countries (Chine and Saudi Arabia are already doing this) because they know these are not sustainable industries and they do not want to use THEIR  precious water.



The USDA, our own government, big ag, they are selling us out.


conference call with Micheal Scuse U.S.D.A about relations with Cuba

About 2/3 of the way through you will hear Rene Strickland of  and     asking Mr. Scuse about exporting U.S cattle to Cuba and also if Cuba will lease land for animal agriculture. Folks, Cuba does not need more cattle that little country needs us to leave them alone. There is still intact ecosystems that remain untouched why not just leave it that way?! I am not against trade, or tourism, in fact I so would LOVE to visit Cuba and see the dancing and listen to the music. We should not destroy it as we have done the rainforests and deserts for the sake of cattle ranching.


See the new petition on the whitehouse website the petition is called the Animal Agriculture Accountability petition.

This petition has ended with only 73 signatures. Oh well, maybe someone has a better idea.

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If there were any doubt at all about the involvement of the USDA in live export this should remove all of it. The USDA only cares about $$$$ NOT for animal, human, or environmental welfare.

Marketing and Trade

At the core of USDA’s mission is fostering economic opportunity and innovation that will continue to help American agriculture grow and thrive in a global economy. Through research, data and analysis, trade agreements, grants and programs that add value to products, USDA works to expand and maintain both foreign and domestic markets for American farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Is Good for American Agriculture

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a new, high-standard trade agreement that levels the playing field for American workers and American businesses, supporting more Made in America exports and higher-paying American jobs. The agreement would eliminate or significantly reduce tariffs on our products and deter non-science based sanitary and phytosanitary barriers that have put American agriculture at a disadvantage in TPP countries in the past. Despite these past barriers, countries in the Trans-Pacific Partnership currently account for up to 42 percent of all U.S. agricultural exports, totaling $63 billion. Thanks to this agreement and its removal of unfair trade barriers, American agricultural exports to the region will expand even further.

Read the Text

Resources & News

usda web link  This will open a document that has several links to the USDA website. So no one has to take my word for what our government is doing to animals and the environment it is all on their own websites.


USDA kills indigenous animals and birds

dairy margin protection program usda

The cost of feeding dairy cows who are raped and tortured daily, and we tax payers cover this.

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