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Recently someone called animal control on us and rightly so. Our horse got really skinny despite our best efforts to try to get him to eat. We called our vet and he came out and provided us with a plant to put some weight on him. This included;

alfalfa pellets

beet pulp pellets

senior manna

red flake bran

chopped up carrots and apples

Our horse is about 30 years old, and an ex Santa Anita Race horse. He is a rescue. I hope this post will help others with an old horse that is getting thin.

To put the weight back on him we started him out with 3 feedings a day which included in each bucket (which we used Tidy Cats litter bucket the 35 lb yellow one) with a layer of regular alfalfa, two scoops of alfalfa pellets (I use the old tub of country crock I think it is 1 pound tub) one scoop of beet pulp, one scoop senior manna, one scoop red flake bran, and another layer of regular alfalfa. You have to soak this to soften the pellets. In the meantime, a smaller second bucket with some alfalfa and senior manna to keep him happy while the bigger bucket has a chance to soak. Once he got his healthy weight back we went to just twice a day. He is a Thoroughbred horse so if you have a smaller horse of course you are not going to give so much but that is up to your vet. These old horses have teeth that are so worn down that they cannot eat through the regular alfalfa. They also have an older digestive system that have trouble processing the hard alfalfa so that is why so many older horses go to pellets or they will get dangerously thin. I am so glad we learned this and now our old horse looks like a young fella and is more active. Hope this helps others.



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Animal Agriculture Accountability petition

In Defense of animals hotline

You can also try to hook up with other vegans, animal rights advocates, and see what else is going on in the animal rights community.

I want to share a book that recently got published about the live export industry in Australia and that book is called ‘Backlash- Australia’s conflict of values over live export’. I will share how to get a hold of the publishers as this book is not yet available outside of Australia.

Julian Davies
Finlay Lloyd
m 0422 530 846

For the best information about animal law, learn about cases, donate to help keep these guys in business, and use this information to get involved with AR political parties like

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