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The live export industry is still very much alive and well here in the U.S. Take this Port of Olympia in the State of Washington.

Soon the Bison Express will be arriving at the Port of Olympia approximately Feb 03 1500 UTC making it around 0700 PST; coming from South Korea.

To try to monitor any livestock carrier on the seas is difficult since they are simply listed as cargo ships.

I live in California and travelling to Washington State is not an option for me. I am also about 75 miles from the Port of Long Beach and monitoring that is not possible. I hope that other AR activists can step up and document these livestock carriers and where they come from, where they are going.

So what is the ISDS? It is a way for big corporations to sue governments for millions if not billions over trade disputes.NAFTA ISDS and the State Dept. But ISDS is in virtually ALL trade agreements and it benefits ONLY large corporations.

Make no mistake, ISDS in all trade agreements spells disaster for people, environment, and animals; ISDS and the Keystone Pipeline

The Trans Canada VS U.S arbitration

The GJAE The Global Justice for Animals and the Environment website for more detailed information about trade agreements and their history.

The webinar on Nov.22,2016  Please look at last night’s webinar about the TPP and other trade agreements.




City Hall Los Angeles TPP rally.

City Hall Los Angeles TPP rally.

city-hall-002 city-hall-003 city-hall-004 city-hall-005

The rally went well, and I was pleased to see Trump protesters there listening to our speeches. Here is the link to our speeches including mine;


November 14 2016 Stop The TPP rally video 1 of 4

tariff schedule TPP video 2 of 4.

U.S just as guilty of animal exploitation video 3 of 4. 4 of 4  My fellow illuminated activists please visit this website for a very very detailed account of the TPP and other trade agreements. Folks I do not ask for donations I would rather see you get informed, get involved; if you choose to donate instead for the sake of stopping the TPP go to the brave folks at  ‘Global Justice For Animals And The Environment’.




The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is mostly about live export of animals.

Screenshot 2016-01-15 08.53.37Screenshot 2016-01-15 08.53.45Screenshot 2016-01-15 08.53.54LEAnewsletter Last year’s newsletter; U.S ag and Australia ag in bed with each other.

This is irrevocable proof that the USDA is in bed with live exporters around the globe and the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is a vessel for these heinous industries.

In this newsletter from 2014


NPPC= the national pork producers council.

USLGE= U.S Livestock Genetics Export Inc.

USAHA= U.S Animal Health Association


Of course all of these associations support the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.

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