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Rodeos, dog fighting, cockfighting, horse fighting, circuses, many zoos, breeding animals for profit, food, clothing, or just plain ignorance is all animal cruelty. We humans need to evolve into better stewards of this planet and all the other beings that share her with us. In this video, a calf actually got his leg stuck in the chute and no one cared. It is no wonder a bull was grievously injured last year.  Toward the end of this video a friend of one of the participants (or family member) casually admits about a bull that broke his leg coming out of the chute last year. A rodeo in Bridgeport California. Just another spectacle of animal cruelty.

The recent rodeo in Lancaster California. This was Friday night Oct. 7 2016.

Another baby animal terrorized.


You see them pulling at this poor horse’s main. How would they like it if someone pulled at their hair like that?

This was particularly disturbing in the fact that this beautiful mare did NOT want to participate. Her tail was pulled, she was shocked and FORCED to perform. Yet this announcer repeatedly states that the livestock have the advantage. Really?? When??


Sometimes these animals don’t make it out of the chute without getting hurt.

I don’t know what this poor horse did to deserve such rough treatment. I guess rodeo folk are just plain mean that way.


Rarely does the rodeo victim get any justice but once in a while…….BAM.


The bull riding event is as hideous as it is cruel.

Why people laugh when an animal is being tormented I will never understand.

This is a baby animal, a BABY.  This calf should still be with his momma. Why do people think this is funny??


This was the first time I have ever heard awwwwws from the audience. The first time EVER that I heard even a hint of sympathy for the animal.


They tortured this poor horse. I can no longer document these events, it is tearing me apart. Any future rodeos will be for protest. People need to start looking at these events as what they really are; bloodlust event to abuse, torture, maim, eventually kill these animals.



Rett’s Rascals will be at this year’s rodeo in Lancaster Ca.

RAM PRCA California Circuit Finals RODEO

October 7October 8

Event Image - 2015 - PRCA - Dates only - 300x250

rodeo billboard 011

The Mexican extravaganza is the horses that go sideways, and do extravagant tap dancing etc….they call it natural horsemanship but there is nothing natural about it, not the way these horses are trained to do this, and NO horse in the wild behaves this way ‘naturally’.


chinese theater 108


I will be there both days protesting, but not only that I will be holding up signs at every billboard displayed that advertises this event. PLUS I will be appealing to any musicians that plan on performing at this cruel, hellish, event.




In #86 you will hear the announcer claim “These animals are born to buck” and then “You can’t make these animals buck” yet in the videos #87 , #47, and #99 you can CLEARLY see that these animals are not only FORCED to perform, but it is obvious that they would rather not.

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