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Here is what is in the new (not really so new) USMCA. No different than any other trade agreement especially when it comes to animals.  the home page for USMCA The tariff schedule for Mexico; and the tariff schedule for Canada; this is pretty much no different from the nefarious Trans Pacific Partnership as far as live export goes. If you look carefully at these international agreements including the USMCA include animals on the watch list or endangered list such as whales and dolphins. This includes marine life of all types and their roe. If there is any doubt we are depleting our oceans just look at our international trade agreements. If more people would educate themselves on these trade agreements the way Australia does, we could eliminate live export from ALL trade agreements. The good part of the USMCA is the dispute settlement clause that practically eliminates the ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlements) where a country can be sued over alleged infractions of the trade agreement. Often this can cost a country billions, for example if an Indian tribe wanted to stop oil drilling through sacred ground that also happens to be a location of sensitive water aquifers. How will they be able to stop the drilling if they can’t afford the litigious threat from the suing country? Here is a summary of the USMCA and the ISDS; .


I have done no demonstrations in quite a few years. I was saddened that the last one I was all alone.  As of this day I still don’t see a lot being said about Live Export by our United States AR groups. It is my hope that  someone with more of a following, a larger fan base will pick up the banner of Live Export and educate folks about this evil industry. there are many links to go to for those who want to find out more about it especially industry publications like the one above as well as  keep in mind that Renee Strickland also serves on the board of the USDA.



My demonstration this coming June 14th 4 P:M Pacific Time will be on the sidewalk of Imperial Hwy and Aviation Blvd. The LAX cargo area is there which is why I chose this location. We will be near THE PROUD BIRD restaurant which has a couple different options for plant based foods, and nice restrooms, as well as interesting aviation history. Oh did I mention lots of parking?

This is why the #8milesofadvocacyforanimals travels to different areas of California, Nevada, and other places to raise awareness of the plight of animals in the live export industry.

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Stop live transport event June 14th 4 PM LAX

Stop live transport event June 14th 4 PM LAX









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More photos will follow. These are just a few from the demonstration at the Australian Consulate as well as in front of the Chinese Consulate.

Although it was not the turnout I had hoped for, it was a great day. We visited two consulates involved in live export and this is only the beginning. I said next year is going to be bigger and better, and I already have tools in place to fulfill that promise. Live Animal Export must stop. We human beings must, must,  must stop exploiting our planet and her inhabitants. We are sealing our own fate by doing this.

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