Rodeo protest last night

2015---Mule-Days-Publication---PRCA-Ad---7-5x4-75I will be demonstrating against this at every location where they put a billboard, and at the event itself.


chinese theater 101 chinese theater 102 chinese theater 103 chinese theater 104 chinese theater 105 chinese theater 107 chinese theater 108

So many people there for the premier of “The Longest Ride” a rodeo movie. Starring Clint Eastwood’s son, I guess they are not advocates for animals. Too bad. I tried to take a photo of the animals as they were carted off but not too successful. My demo is next week the “Live Animal Export Protest at the Australian Consulate” at 2029 Century Park E. on the corner of Century Park E and Constellation. I will be staging directly across the towers at 10:00 A:M until about 11:30 A:M ish.  After I am done there I will be taking my banner and my props over to 443 Shatto Pl. and staging across from the Chinese Consulate. This was originally supposed to be an 8 mile staging of animal rights groups, activists, and others but not enough people showed interest so I narrowed it down to just the Australian Consulate but this does NOT mean the Chinese Consulate gets off scott free. I will be there with the same demo, after a nourishment and bathroom break. HMMMM I think I will go to Appollonia’s Pizzeria again, they were awesome. The pizza was AWESOME.

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