name change

I have changed the name of this year’s event from ‘8 miles of advocates for animals’ to ‘Live Animal Export Protest at the Australian Consulate in Los Angeles’. Hope this alleviates any confusion about the event by narrowing it down to just one location. So I will be at the Australian Consulate this April 15th at 10:00 A:M pacific time. The address is 2029 Century Park E Los Angeles Ca. The event will be relatively short, ending at about 11:30 ish. I will have posters and leaflets to hand out, but feel free to bring your own banners or posters about any animal rights issue you care to address. At 11:00 A:M I will ask for a moment of silence as I ring a gong in memory of all of the animal, plant, insect, marine creatures that are lost forever as well as the millions of acres of vital rain forest and desert, and other habitat lost because of animal agriculture. After a few moments I will play the song “Give up the Ghosts” by Radiohead from their King Of Limbs album as we ‘liberate’ stuffed animals from shackles and chains and hold them in our arms. Then I will start the chant with “We will be here every year protesting against ALL animal export until “ALL THE CAGES ARE OPEN AND ALL THE SHACKLES ARE BROKEN”. I hope we can all voice this out load and hopefully get some other folks to join in with us. Hopefully if the Australian government as well as our own realizes that most of the population is against this barbaric practice we can put an end to all animal abuse.

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