The demonstration itself

I was at my meet and greet at Apollonia’s Pizzeria and no one came. I hope to see more solidarity at the demonstration. The demo itself is routed between the Australian/British consulate at 2029 Century Park E. and Constellation, and the Chinese Consulate at 443 Shatto PL. between 4th and 5th streets. It is my hope that any other animal rights organizations, animal sanctuaries, March Against Monsanto, Anonymous, and any other groups that want to raise awareness not only about the plight of animals in animal industry but also raise awareness about govt. corruption and cover-ups behind these industries (the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement for example). It is being held on tax day because a large part of funding for this comes from tax dollars. Any organization can choose any location, any intersection along this 8 mile route, most of it is on Wilshire Blvd and stage their demo there. For example a group can choose Wilshire Blvd and Rodeo dr. Another group can choose where I will be at, Century Park E. and Constellation. I hope the Save our Animals L.A (Global March for Elephants and Rhinos) will cover the Chinese Consulate. Some one can have their group hold a demo on Wilshire and Fairfax or something like that. I have driven this route several times now and it is totally do able. Start staging at 10 A:M, hand out leaflets, display banners, whatever your thing is. Keep it professional, peaceful, respectful. You cannot win hearts and minds with insults and judgments. At 11:00 if you choose to do so is a moment of silence for all the animals and activists that have already gone because of animal industry. Approx. 11:02 ish I will play the Radiohead song as we ‘free’ stuffed animals from cages or shackles or gestation crates and hold them in our arms until the song ends. Then some final words about the species that are lost, rainforest that is lost, and whatever issues you would like to bring up. About noon it is done. Stay if you want, leave if you want, you are free to choose. This kind of freedom should beĀ  for all living things. Hope to see you there.

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