New stuffed family member

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Yeah, the newest member is the extinct Mastodon but if we keep this up with the elephant holocaust they will be extinct too. Folks we do not need ivory that badly, and we certainly do not need to kidnap baby elephants only to send them to zoos and circuses and tourist attractions. Most tourists do not know that baby elephants suffer a phajaan, or the crush to break their spirits so they will be docile enough for tourists. Folks we do not need to ride an animal that badly. Spend your tourist dollars on reputable animal sanctuaries instead.

name change

I have changed the name of this year’s event from ‘8 miles of advocates for animals’ to ‘Live Animal Export Protest at the Australian Consulate in Los Angeles’. Hope this alleviates any confusion about the event by narrowing it down to just one location. So I will be at the Australian Consulate this April 15th at 10:00 A:M pacific time. The address is 2029 Century Park E Los Angeles Ca. The event will be relatively short, ending at about 11:30 ish. I will have posters and leaflets to hand out, but feel free to bring your own banners or posters about any animal rights issue you care to address. At 11:00 A:M I will ask for a moment of silence as I ring a gong in memory of all of the animal, plant, insect, marine creatures that are lost forever as well as the millions of acres of vital rain forest and desert, and other habitat lost because of animal agriculture. After a few moments I will play the song “Give up the Ghosts” by Radiohead from their King Of Limbs album as we ‘liberate’ stuffed animals from shackles and chains and hold them in our arms. Then I will start the chant with “We will be here every year protesting against ALL animal export until “ALL THE CAGES ARE OPEN AND ALL THE SHACKLES ARE BROKEN”. I hope we can all voice this out load and hopefully get some other folks to join in with us. Hopefully if the Australian government as well as our own realizes that most of the population is against this barbaric practice we can put an end to all animal abuse.

Stuffed family

the stuffed family 027 the stuffed family 028 the stuffed family 025

Still waiting on a stuffed sheep, and looking for a larger elephant so I can have a mommy and baby elephant to ‘rescue’ during the demo. The baby chicks and the raven are actually hand puppets. I decided to keep the chicks in the plastic bags to ‘liberate’ during the demo since that is how so many of the male chicks are killed in the egg industry. Oh yeah, our rooster Gillette is NOT part of the demo, he is just overseeing the stuffed animal inventory. He has hairy legs that is why he is called Gillette (even though they test on animals) the name stuck.

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I waited at Apollonia’s Pizzeria until about 11:45 then gave up. In the meantime I had a very delicious vegan pizza. I took the rest home and had a great snack later watching scary movies.

The Chinese Consulate is very unassuming, nothing like on the movie ‘Rush Hour’. This is 443 Shatto Pl. between 4th and 5th streets. There is some two hour parking on 4th but good luck getting one of those spots. There is a lot of parking options in the area though. The very top picture is 2029 Century Park E. and Constellation where the Australian/British Consulates are. On Century Park E. just south of Constellation, across from the towers is where I will be staged for my demo. I have circled the area several times, and I am more comfortable with that location.

If you decide to stage at Wilshire Blvd. and Sycamore that is where you will find the wonderful Apollonia’s Pizzeria. Nice folks in there, great cozy little restaurant, free parking if you are a customer. Then there is also a jack in the box across the street and a 7-11 just to the east on the corner.

Actually all along Wilshire Blvd is all kinds of great places to stage a demo. Pick a section, any section that you feel comfortable with, and speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves, and show solidarity with our animal advocates who risk life, limb, and liberty to get the truth out.

The demonstration itself

I was at my meet and greet at Apollonia’s Pizzeria and no one came. I hope to see more solidarity at the demonstration. The demo itself is routed between the Australian/British consulate at 2029 Century Park E. and Constellation, and the Chinese Consulate at 443 Shatto PL. between 4th and 5th streets. It is my hope that any other animal rights organizations, animal sanctuaries, March Against Monsanto, Anonymous, and any other groups that want to raise awareness not only about the plight of animals in animal industry but also raise awareness about govt. corruption and cover-ups behind these industries (the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement for example). It is being held on tax day because a large part of funding for this comes from tax dollars. Any organization can choose any location, any intersection along this 8 mile route, most of it is on Wilshire Blvd and stage their demo there. For example a group can choose Wilshire Blvd and Rodeo dr. Another group can choose where I will be at, Century Park E. and Constellation. I hope the Save our Animals L.A (Global March for Elephants and Rhinos) will cover the Chinese Consulate. Some one can have their group hold a demo on Wilshire and Fairfax or something like that. I have driven this route several times now and it is totally do able. Start staging at 10 A:M, hand out leaflets, display banners, whatever your thing is. Keep it professional, peaceful, respectful. You cannot win hearts and minds with insults and judgments. At 11:00 if you choose to do so is a moment of silence for all the animals and activists that have already gone because of animal industry. Approx. 11:02 ish I will play the Radiohead song as we ‘free’ stuffed animals from cages or shackles or gestation crates and hold them in our arms until the song ends. Then some final words about the species that are lost, rainforest that is lost, and whatever issues you would like to bring up. About noon it is done. Stay if you want, leave if you want, you are free to choose. This kind of freedom should be  for all living things. Hope to see you there.

almost ready

almost ready 001 almost ready 002 almost ready 006 almost ready 005

Almost have everything; megaphone, Burmese gong, banner, my first signature shirt (needs work) and the first of my cute little stuffed animals. I should have everything else before the end of March. Working on what I am going to say, and getting literature together. Next year I hope to have an actual sheep or goat costume to wear.  Next year will be bigger and better.

meet and greet

I have added a new event page on face book ‘meet and greet for 8 miles’. 10am 3/17/15 Apollonia’s Pizzaria 5176 Wilshire Blvd L.A, CA 90036 (323)937-2823. They are supposed to be vegan friendly and it is on Wilshire, right where part of this demonstration is to take place. I hope to see you there with cameras and leaflets.

The activist

The fact that the animal industry spends sooo much effort and money into passing ag-gag laws is proof alone they have something to hide.