Live Animal Export Protest August 6th Santa Monica Pier

mobile banner 234The mobile banner is under way. I started work on it the other day; one side will be for the Australian consulate and live export industry in general and the other side is for the Chinese consulate and the kidnapping of baby animals for live export. I will be at the parking lot next to the pier no later than 5:00 P:M. At 7:00 P:M the bands will start playing that is when I will stop.

mobile banner 230

The Joshua Tree, symbol of Rett’s Rascals, Animal Advocates.

Why is the Joshua Tree our symbol? Because like the Joshua Tree the animal rights movement is slow to grow. It takes a very long time for this tree to reach maturity but it can last hundreds of years and can withstand the harshest of environments. When it is allowed to thrive it is a very strong and impressive tree, quite beautiful, and a safe haven for many birds and other wildlife.more joshua 031